Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can be nominated in the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards?

The Excellence in Family Day Care Awards are open to all Family Day Care Australia members. If you would like to become a member please call 1800 658 699.

How are educators and services nominated and selected?

Family Day Care Australia are looking for those who demonstrate a commitment to ongoing quality improvement, innovation and a commitment to quality care and education based on the core values of family day care. For more information on the educator criteria click here, for more information on the service criteria click here, for more information on the Star award criteria click here.

During the nomination period (closes 11:59pm AEST, 23 July 2017), you are invited to nominate your educator or nominate your service via a simple online nomination form. Nominees will be advised of their nomination via email, as well as a list of nominees will be placed on the nominees page and updated weekly, then they will be invited to make a supporting submission.

Once submissions close (11:59pm AEST, 6 August 2017), a selection committee will review all nominations and submissions with regional, national finalists and Star winners selected from this process. All national finalists are then put forward to an independent body who makes a recommendation for the national winner. 

Can I nominate myself / the service I work for/own?

Unfortunately not. However, once you have been nominated, you will be able to tell us in a supporting submission about the important role you play in the family day care sector, in particular the lives of the families in your care.

How do I know if my nomination / submission went though succesfully?

If your nomination / submission has been submitted correctly, you will receive email confirmation within 5 minutes that Family Day Care Australia has received it.

How do I place a submission?

As we will be notifying nominees of their nomination via email, it is essential that your email address is registered with FDCA and that our email address, has been added to your safe sender list, in particular: Hotmail, Yahoo and Bigpond).

Educators and Services that are nominated will receive an email from Family Day Care Australia to notify them of their nomination.

This email will contain a link that will direct nominees to a submission form. Submission must be placed via our online form.

I cannot fit my nomination / submission into the form, can I email or post it to you?

We are unable to accept hard copy or emailed nominations / submissions as we cannot confirm the character count and this would give you an unfair advantage.

I have been told that I was nominated, but I haven't receive an email, what do I do now?

Here are a few things you can do

  • Check our 2017 nominees page and check if you name is on the list (the nominees page is updated weekly), if your name does appear on the nominees page, see next step
  • Check your email to see if the notification email went to your Junk/Spam folder - if it did, mark us ( as a Safe Sender to ensure you receive future communications from us
  • One reason may be that you have previously unsubscibed from email communications from us. If you have or you are unsure if you have, email us at
  • It could simply be that your email address isn't registered with us yet. Email us at to update your email address.

If you need further help, please do not hesitate to email us at

What are the prizes?

To view a list of prizes click here.

When are the award winners announced?

28 August 2017: Regional educator winners announced
11 September 2017: Star Award winners announced
25 September 2017: Educator and service national finalists will be announced
28 October 2017: National winners announced at the 2017 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards Gala Dinner